Hotel Benchmarking

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Trending benchmarking reports provide valuable market analysis for the hotel industry in Ireland. Hotel management teams can access reports on how they are performing compared to the market and their competitors. Reports are generated on a weekly and monthly basis, thus enabling constant tracking of the business's performance.

Why should your hotel use benchmarking?

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  1. Analyse your occupancy, average room rates and RevPAR on a weekly and monthly basis.
  2. Forecast your hotel’s performance in coming weeks and identify opportunities to yield, and maximise occupancy and room rates.
  3. Focus your marketing promotions and spends at the areas most needed, so that you maximise your return on quiet periods.
  4. Bring your historic results to life in easy to use reports, with easy daily input sheets you can rate your performance and plan forward with confidence.

Why should I sign up to

Winning Team

Benchmarking reports are an essential management tool for any hotel business of any size. Decisions can be made based on accurate up-to-date market information. Trending reports are comprehensive and competitively priced.

How does it work?

Piecing the puzzle together

Each member has a secure login and enters their occupancy and rate on a daily or weekly basis. This is used to benchmark hotels in that city or selected individual competitor sets. Hotels can generate weekly and monthly reports to analyse their performance and Trend reports to forecast performance. The information in these reports can then be used to make informed decisions. has been designed with the user in mind. The system is simple to use and the interface is user-friendly, enabling up-to-date informative reports to be generated.

What type of reports can hotels generate?

Trending hotel benchmarking reports are downloadable at all times. All reports analyse performance on occupancy, average room rate and RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) Transparent Reports In addition, the reports include comparisons against;

How safe is my hotel's information?

Secure reportsTrending has systems in place to ensure hotel data is protected.
The data provided by hotels is only used to generate aggregate benchmarking reports.
Each hotel has its own secure log in details and only compares against aggregate competitor figures.