Restaurant Benchmarking Tool

Hotel Ratings Comparison

The Restaurant Benchmarking Tool is the latest product for the hospitality industry from the Trending team. This product has been designed with the busy restaurant in mind and will provide comparative analysis of daily covers and revenue.

Why should your restaurant use benchmarking?

Winning Team
  1. Analyse your covers and average spends on a daily basis.
  2. Target your time and effort in to the right areas of your business –
    1. Week days or weekends
    2. Lunch or diner
    3. Covers or average spends
  3. Focus your marketing promotions and spends at the area most needed, so that you maximise your return on your quiet days vs. diluting spends on busy nights.
  4. Analyse the impact of Living Social deals on your covers and spends- has the promotion over-diluted spends?
  5. Assess your employees’ performance on upselling by comparing days spends to which staff are working that day.
  6. Assess your rosters based on more realistic cover averages, so you minimize your payroll cost.
  7. Bring your historic results to life in an easy to use report, with easy daily input sheets you can rate your performance and plan forward with confidence.

Why should I sign up to

Up or DownAnalytical reports are an essential management tool for any restaurant business of any size. Understanding your sales revenue means that you can make the right decisions with up-to-date information. The insights from these reports also helps you decide where to focus your marketing spend in the right direction..

How does it work?

Piecing the puzzle together Each user has their own secure login and can enter data on a daily basis to get a dynamic analysis of their sales performance. The user only has to enter simple, readily available information- the number of covers, and gross food revenue and beverage revenue for each sitting. The reports will then use this data to produce reports which compare daily performance to the same day in previous weeks. The Restaurant Tool has been designed with the user in mind. The system is simple to use and the interface is user-friendly, enabling up-to-date informative reports to be generated.

What type of reports can restaurants generate?

The data entered by a restaurant is used to create informative reports, which are downloadable at all times. Each day is analysed in four reports: breakfast, lunch, dinner and a combined daily report. Each report analyses daily performance by comparing the data to past average daily performance in the year to date. This means the daily reports are relevant, and always compare like with like. Overall weekly performance is also included in the main reports. Each day in the reports can also be clicked through to an informative daily analysis, which compares highest, lowest and average covers and revenue to date for each day of the week.

How safe is my hotel's information?

Secure reportsTrending has systems in place to ensure hotel data is protected.
The data provided by hotels is only used to generate aggregate benchmarking reports.
Each hotel has its own secure log in details and only compares against aggregate competitor figures.


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